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Service Provider Terms of use

These terms of use and the documents referred to in them tells you the terms on which you may make use of our website which is owned by Stopandhire Limited as a registered user to provide services for hire or for sale.


When listing an item or service for hire or for sale, you agree to comply with the rules outlined below: Any breach of these rules can result in the suspension or deletion of your account.

•    The item is not stolen, listed without owner’s permission and truly belongs to you

•    You are responsible for the accuracy of the content in the listing. You agree that the items are not faulty and functions correctly. You are liable for any legal issues that arises as result of your listing

•    You have a right to live and work in the United Kingdom

•    Give accurate and honest feedback to the purchaser

•    Your personal details are accurate and correct information is given. You agree that your location can be searched using geolocalisation tools

•    Item details described are accurate as of when the listing was made. You agree that you are liable and responsible for the safety of any electrical items and that they are safety checked by a qualified electrician, according to Trading Standards

•    You agree that items advertised do not infringe copyright and that you are liable for any issues that arise due to breach of this right. You are responsible to seek advice on copyrights from an expert or lawyer

•    You agree to any feedbacks and comments from the purchaser regarding the provision of your services

•    Any disputes arising from the provision of your services will be dealt with accurately and responsibly with the purchaser

•    You are solely liable for any tax resulting from any transaction. Whether you are a business entity or individual, you agree that you are solely responsible to determine what taxes, if any, apply to you and to pay any such taxes. Stopandhire limited recommends that you seek advice from a tax professional

•    Depending on the circumstances, such as the number of transactions you conduct, the subject matter of the transaction, licenses or certifications might be applicable to you. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to obtain any licenses or certifications that might be required to conduct a transaction or otherwise use the services or Site. Stopandhire limited is not responsible for determining whether or not you should be licensed and / or certified for the use of the Services or Site, or for conducting a transaction. Stopandhire limited makes no representation or guarantee about licensing or certification of its users or members

•    Agree to be vetted and information provided for the vetting process is accurate and correct

•    All adverts to be displayed on the site must be approved by an administrator. This included editing or amending any display information

•    Fees placed on the site are reasonable and used as a guide for purchasers. Final fee will be determined by agreement with purchaser

•    All payments made to stopandhire limited using PayPal facilities

•    Card used for payments are registered in your name or permission is obtained from owner of the card when a transaction is made on behalf of someone else

•    Treat everyone with respect and dignity

•    Follow the correct policy aligned for refunds

•    You are responsible for insurance on your services. It is your responsibility to arrange this with purchaser once contact details are revealed

•    Respect and abide by all our policies at all times

•    Your account can be suspended or deleted when you breach any of our policies

•    When required, to give training on the item or service to the purchaser

•    You are responsible for delivery and collection of advertised services

•    You have read and understood all the rules, regulations and your rights to hire out goods and services or trade fairly in the United Kingdom. Please refer to any trade regulations for advise

•    You agree not to publish any threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene or indecent materials

•    You agree not to distribute any malware, spam, chain letters or pyramid schemes

•    You agree not to copy, modify or distribute any user’s content without their permission

•    You agree not to use any automated systems to access the site and collect information for any purpose without stopandhire limited written consent

•    You agree not to copy or collect information on other users including their personal details without their permission

•    You are 18 years or above to access and use the site.

What you are allowed

•    Advertise services for hire or for sale in the most appropriate categories

•    Promote your adverts on the front page for more visibility

•    Search and Bid on adverts looking to hire goods or services

•    Give reasonable quotes to increase your chances of being hired

•    Report any suspicious activities

•    Any written information in English and clear

•    Read our terms of use

•    Complete cancellation or no-show forms and corresponding agreement forms

•    Share your advert on stopandhire limited social networks to gain more exposure

•    Specify a reasonable deposit

•    Specify whether service is insured or insurance available

•    Specify a reasonable sales cost including delivery when your items are for sale

•    Give accurate and reflective feedbacks

•    Provide training materials to the purchaser when required

•    Complete a portfolio of your work and experiences.

What you are not allowed

•    Enter contact details in your advert or during any communication medium

•    Duplicate your adverts

•    Change prices of goods or services once a deal is reached

•    Spam

•    Break any of our policies

•    Use offensive and discriminatory content or language

•    List any adverts in our forbidden items

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