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The fast, easy and effective way to hire goods and services anywhere in the UK

Tips and FAQ's

For tips on hiring and hiring out your goods and services, please read below

Also look at the FAQs to answer any questions about navigating the site

If you cannot find what you want, please contact us and we will be willing to help


•    Insured services are always bound to increase your chances of getting deals. Contact relevant insurance companies to arrange your insurance requirements

•    Make sure you fill out all the relevant information on your profile. This will boost your trust level

•    When uploading images, please use the correct size and format. This creates the advert more quickly. You can always use  to help re-size your images. We have found out that the best image size are under 100KB

•    Get verified by stopandhire and get a trusted badge on your profile

•    Take pictures of hired items before and after

•    When hiring a service, add as much details on the advert to get an accurate quote from a provider

•    Check ratings and comments as well as whether the provider is verified by stopandhire before doing business with them

•    Always ask an expert or friends for second opinions before hiring

•    Ask for training materials or demonstrations if you are not familiar with your hired item or service

•    Obtain the relevant certification / training / taxes before hiring out your services.

•    Share your adverts on our social networks to increase the scope and enable more bidders on your requirement

•    Check the relevant boxes to get notifications of wanted adverts within your category so you can place your bid quickly

•    If you don’t want to analyse several bidders on your requirement, save the time and search for service providers and invite them to give you a quote privately

•    State the urgency of your requirement to get quick responses

•    Feature your adverts on the homepage to gain more visibility

•    Do not add any contact details that will get your adverts removed and delay your productivity on the site

•    When you hire a service, do not pay for the service upfront / advance. Pay half to initiate the work and the other when completed

•    Keep records of all transactions

•    If you are providing a service, do specify a deposit for if anything goes wrong to help recoup for any damages, lost or stolen etc.

•    Trade fairly, get good feedbacks and comments and increase your chances of success

•    Before you commit to hiring or buying an item or services ask for more information, and demand proof of any claims being made, particularly if you have doubts. If you think you're being misled, don't purchase

•    After committing to hiring or buying an item or services keep receipts and if there's a problem, go back to the service provider and try to resolve the issue with them directly

•    If there are cancellations or no-show, please contact us and fill in the necessary forms to get a refund or penalise the other party

•    If you are not happy with the services you receive, let this reflect in the rating and comment you provide to the other party.


Service provider

•    How do I get my advert noticed / featured on the homepage

There is a tick box when creating an advert to hire out a service to specify if you wish to have the advert featured on the homepage. You must upload a suitable image and then make a payment via PayPal at the end of the advert creation process. Please see the cost here. Once payment is accepted, details are sent to the administrator for approval before publishing to the homepage.  

You can also do this via the dashboard after you have created the advert and decide to promote it later on.

•    How do I know if someone wants my service so I can quickly place my bid

There is a tick box when creating an advert to hire out your services to be notified of any wanted adverts posted within the category you registered your services in.  Users can also search for your adverts and invite you to bid on their requirement directly

•    How many adverts am I allowed

You can post unlimited advert to hire out your goods or services. We advise not to duplicate adverts as this will result in your account being suspended

•    How can I place my bid and How do I know if I have won

You can either use the search facility provided or get notified. Once on the advert page, there is a button to place your bid. Your account dashboard will be updated with the progress of the bid and you will also be sent notifications

•    Can I sell items on the site as well

Yes. When creating a for hire advert, a tick box is displayed to optionally choose that the item is also available to purchase. If ticked, enter the cost to purchase (including the delivery charges) and then publish the advert. 5% commission of the fixed price is charged to you when a purchase is made.

Upon someone ‘purchasing’ an item for a fixed price, the advert is disabled and a new one must be placed if you wish to offer another identical item for hire/sale.

•    How can I let others know that I am insured?

There are two tick boxes when creating for hire avert to state if the service is insured or if the option is available. Ticking either displays an appropriate message on the advert to let the hirer know. Insurance is the responsibility of the person advertising and the person hiring to arrange once deal is reached and contact details are revealed.

•    How do I determine my hiring and deposit fees

Hiring and deposit fees are determined by you. Stopandhire limited has no influence on your charging fees. But we will advise that you include any taxes or insurance or extra cost incurred to hire out the service in the overall cost. Deposits should be reasonable and can cover the recoupment if they get stolen, broken or malfunction.

Remember that hiring out fee can act as a guide to the hirer. As users cannot pay directly on the site, it serves as a guide to determine their budget.

•    What do I do if my items are damaged, lost or stolen

Stopandhire limited is not part of the hiring contract between the service provider and the hirer. We advise that you detail in your ‘advert terms of use’ how much you are willing to retain from a deposit should these circumstances occur.

We strongly recommend using the ‘advert terms of use’ to add as much information as possible about costs that hirer might incur and other detailed factors for use of your services

•    How much commission does StopandHire limited take from a transaction and how do I pay

Stopandhire aims to make your experience worthwhile and hence we go by the ethos ‘Only pay when you benefit’

Our paid services are tailored to the benefits from using our services. You pay less when you earn less and more when you earn more. All payments are made using PayPal facilities. Please read our transaction fees here

•    How do I provide feedback to the hirer

Once a deal is reached and contact details exchanged, there is a rating icon against the transaction to rate and provide comments.

•    I placed a bid on a wanted advert, but it is not displaying on my dashboard

After placing a bid, if you added a message to the bid, this needs to go through admin approval process. Your bid will be displayed on your dashboard (My active bids) once message is verified by the admin

•    I have created a For Hire advert, but it is not displaying on my dashboard

After creating an advert, it needs to go through admin approval process. The advert will be displayed on your dashboard once approved

You will be notified if accepted or if changes need to be made due to breaching any of our terms of use


•    I do not want to analyse several bidders on my advert

On a for hire page, clicking on the ‘view full adverts details’ will send you to the page where you can invite the user to bid on your requirement. Going this route enables you to create a new wanted advert where only the service provider can be able to place a bid by ensuring the ‘only invite this provider to bid’ box is checked. This also means that your advert is not searchable by others providers

Un-checking this check box will make the advert searchable and allow other providers to place their bids

•    How many adverts am I allowed

You can post unlimited advert to hire goods or services. We advise not to duplicate adverts as this will result in your account being suspended

•    How do I determine my budget

Specifying a budget in mainly down to how much you can afford to purchase a service. Stopandhire limited has no influence on your budget. But we will advise that you analyse your requirement or look up similar circumstances online to help with the decision.

Remember that your budget can act as a guide to the service provider and quotes will truly rely on your detailed descriptions of your requirement.

•    What do I do if the items I hired get damaged, stolen or does not function as expected

Stopandhire does not get involved in disputes between the service provider and the purchaser. We advise that you contact the person directly to resolve any issues. We operate a feedback system and you can express your disappointment by rating the other party. If you encounter any suspicious behaviour please do report them to us. We are always looking into ways to improve your experience.

•    My adverts have expired

Within the user dashboard, you are able to edit the advert expiration date to effectively extend its life for a further 5, 10, 30 days.

You are also able to re-list expired adverts which has no bids to prevent the need to set up from scratch again if all details remain the same. This can be done through the ‘My adverts’ link on your account page

•    Can I buy items from the site

Yes only when the service provider has specified on the advert that the item can be purchased as well

On the search page, there is a filter on the right hand side of the screen to search for all items on the site that are available to purchase

•    How do I provide feedback to the service provider

Once a deal is reached, there will be an icon against your wanted advert in the ‘My Adverts’ page to rate the service provider. This will have a status as ‘complete’

•    I see a bid on my wanted advert, but it is not displaying the bid details

After a service provider places a bid and they have added a message, this needs to go through admin approval process before the details are displayed

•    I have created a Wanted advert, but it is not displaying on my dashboard

After creating the wanted advert, it needs to go through admin approval process. The advert will be displayed on your dashboard once approved

You will be notified if accepted or if changes need to be made due to breaching any of our terms of use


•    What is stopandhire

STOPandHIRE is a platform which is part of the ‘sharing economy’ to bring together people looking to hire any goods and services with others who are willing to provide hiring services in a more secure and efficiently environment.

•    Who can use the site

Anyone who is 18 years of age or over can use the website. The user can be an individual or a company looking to hire or hire out their goods and services

•    How does the site work

The site is designed to be very user friendly with features that will make your hiring activities easier and manageable. Click here for more detailed description

•    How much does it cost to register

Registering as a Service provider or a hirer on the site is FREE and no monthly charges apply.

Our transaction fees can be seen here. All listing payments are taken through PayPal.

•    How do I create my StopandHire account

Clicking on the 'Sign up' link from the homepage will take you to the registration page form to complete

Once complete, you will be sent a verification email with a link

Your account is ONLY complete when you click on the verification link. If it does not arrive in your inbox as a clickable link, please copy and paste the link text into your browser to complete the process

•    My verification email has not arrived in my inbox

  1. This could be a slow relay of email servers. Please be patient
  2. Maybe it could be the fact that you mis-spelt your email address - If this is the case, you need to create your account again with the correct email
  3. If the correct email is used but still have not received the verification email, on the verification page there is a link on the right hand side of the screen called 'Re-verify', once clicked you will be asked to enter your email address to receive the verification link again
  4. Also do check your SPAM or Junk folder to make sure

if email has still not arrived after a significant amount of time, then contact us

•    How do I edit my account details

Once logged in, there is a link on your account dashboard called 'Account details'. Use this link to amend:

  1. Password
  2. Personal information
  3. Profile picture

•    I cant create adverts / page not displayed correctly / buttons not working

This could be due to the following:

  1. The Style-sheet on your system might be turned off
  2. You JavaScript is turned off

As all these are required to be turned on, please resolve them and try again. If this is still not working , then contact us

•    Can I advertise to provide a service and  look for a service at the same time

Yes. Anyone registered can post adverts to hire out their services and also post adverts to look for services to hire. Anyone can be a service provider and a hirer

•    What do I do when I forget my username or password

If a username or password is forgotten, you can reset using a link provided on the login page. Clicking this emails the user a time-limited hyperlink enabling them to change their details

•    How do I enter into the ballot to display my profile on the homepage

All users registered on the site will be eligible for the ballot to display their information on the homepage. StopandHire limited will randomly select the winner from a ballot and inform them of the outcome. After giving your consent, your details will be published on the homepage.

•    How do I advertise on the Home Banner

Any individual or company that wants to advertising space on the banner can use the contact form on the contact us page to send us details. A representative from stopandhire limited will get in touch to discuss all the requirements before your adverts will be published on our site.

You can also feature your advert on the homepage when creating for hire adverts.

•    How do I report abuse or any suspicious behavior

Users are able to report any abuse they see on the site. This might consist of a company requesting that users contact them outside of the platform, or a user bad mouthing another user via their profile page. A small icon visible on all user-created content, once clicked will create a popup window asking the reporter for more information. The report is then sent to the administrators who can choose how to deal with the alleged abuse. The user who has created the content that has been reported is not notified unless an admin chooses to remove or edit the content. If this happens the user is notified telling them their content has been removed / edited and given a reason why

•    How do I get vetted / Verified

On the user account sections is a button ‘click to verify your details’. Once activated, you are asked to provide the business with some information in order to be verified. If successful, a trusted badge is displayed on every adverts you publish and profile details display that you have been verified

StopandHire platform is based on user trust and we encourage all users to go through this process to increase your trust and success on the platform.

Un-vetted user is still able to create adverts

•    Should I hire services from strangers?

You are in control and you choose who to hire from and to. There are feedback options for you to analyse before transacting with someone. Please always leave a feedback to help others. We believe that the more you hire to and from someone, they more you build trust and build a stronger community. This is the opportunity to interact with someone you never would have in any other means.

Do report any suspicious behaviour as we want to maintain trust and excellent user experiences for our registered members

•    What file formats should I use for picture uploads

Information on the type of file accepted will be displayed next to the section to upload them

•    Can I edit any details

Yes. You can edit advert details as well as account information from the user dashboard and account details page

•    How do I request a Refund

In case of a cancellation or no-shows, we provide 4 forms, a ’no show’, ‘cancellation’, ‘no show agreement’ and ‘cancellation agreement’ to be completed by both parties. These forms will determine whether a refund is required. Stopandhire limited reserves the right to approve or disapprove a refund request.

To request a refund please use the link against the completed transaction to notify the business

Please read our policy on refunds process here

•    How can I share my advert to social networks like Facebook

There is a Facebook link against your adverts on your dashboard to allow you to have the advert shared automatically on your Facebook page. Doing this is highly recommended as it increases the scope of your advert being seen by others who can provide you with the service or purchase from you

•    How do I search for adverts

There is a view all adverts link on the site as well as a search functionality on the top right hand of the page that will direct you to the search page. Use the filters provided to take you to specific information that you require

•    How do I post an advert

Once logged in, you can do this via the account dashboard. There are links to create wanted advert as well as for hire adverts

•    Why is my advert not being displayed or removed

You advert may not yet be displayed due to any of the below reasons

•    It is not in line with our general posting rules. Hirer terms. Service provider terms.

•    It is still being processed by an administrator

If you are concerned please let us know using the form on the contact us page

•    Why has my account been suspended

This can happen if you do not follow our general rules and policies for using the site. Terms and conditions. Hirer terms. Service provider terms. Forbidden items.

•    Where can I complain

Stopandhire does not get involved in disputes between the service provider and the purchaser. We advise that you contact the person directly to resolve any issues. We operate a feedback system and you can express your disappointment by rating the other party. If you encounter any suspicious behaviour please do report them to us. We are always looking into ways to improve your experience.

•    The service provider or the hirer did not show up or cancels

Please alert the business via the link on the advert. Stopandhire will send each party a form to be completed which will determine whether a refund is required or a penalty imposed on the culprit.

•    Do I need to include my email, telephone or any communication details in my adverts or any communication medium

No you are not allowed to enter any communication details anywhere during your transactions. Doing so can result in your account being suspended

Multi - Upload

You are now able to multi-upload goods or services you want to hire or rent out to or from another user. This feature will save a lot of time and effort when you are an organisation or individual that hires out lots of different products or services

To do

•   To be able to have this feature, please contact the admin team 

•   After permission is granted, you will see the Multi Upload (bulk import) on your account dashboard

•   Save all the images you want to use in a zipped folder

Steps to carry out

  1. From your dashboard, click on the Multi Upload (bulk import) link to take you to the Multi Upload page
  2. Download the main excel sheet From step 2
  3. Select the 'Data' tab and fill in all the information required. Cross reference the fields from your dashboard using the Create wanted advert or Create for hire advert links
  4. Make sure the image names are the same as the ones saved i the zipped folder
  5. Once you have finished entering each fields, ensure you are on the 'data' tab and click on 'File' and then 'Export' from the excel sheet menu bar
  6. Choose 'other' as export types or 'change file type' depending on the excel version you are using and select CSV (*.csv) , choose  a name for your file click 'Save' to save the .csv file to your desktop or folder
  7. Click OK to the prompts to ignore the warnings about missing features
  8. Go back to your dashboard and on the Multi Upload page, select the zipped file containing the images and click on the 'Upload Zip' button
  9. From step 2, select the .csv file you have saved on your desktop or folder and click on the 'Process step 2' button
  10. The analysis page will be displayed
  11. If there is an error in the upload, go back to the main excel sheet, make the changes and follow the same steps to save it as a .csv file and then re-upload
  12. If no errors, then click on the 'Import Data' button

Please do contact us if you are facing any issues and we will immediately provide any help required

Thank you for visiting our site. Please do spread the HIRING BUG to others

“I needed a DJ for my best friend’s party and what best way to post this on stopandhire and get quotes from various dj’s. I had the option to choose whoever I wanted to hire”
Mr M Ahmed – Middlesex
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